Promotional Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Promotional Steel Sports Bottles – In Brief

With the increasing awareness of the damage single use plastics can do to the environment, many customers are seeking alternatives to plastic sports bottles. Promotional stainless steel sports bottles are a longer lasting, recyclable alternative. Promotional stainless steel sports bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common capacities are 500ml or […]

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Promotional Duffle Bags

Promotional Duffle Bags – In Brief

Promotional duffle or duffel bags are often seen as an upmarket alternative to give-away backpacks.  Named after the town of Duffel in Belgium from where the thick material originally came, they are useful as a spacious holdall for gym kit or as a weekend bag. While duffle bags can be made of many materials, those […]

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Promotional Backpacks

Promotional Backpacks – In Brief

Backpacks are a popular corporate gift, and for good reason. They are both useful and highly visible. Promotional backpacks also tend to be kept for a long time. The combination of longevity, usability and visibility ensures your brand receives a high number of impressions. But to be effective, a backpack needs to last, and to […]

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Promotional Umbellas

Promotional Umbrellas – In Brief

Prepare for April showers with our large variety of promotional umbrellas. Umbrellas are a key part of a promotional merchandise collection with a wide variety of options available. However, a cheap umbrella that falls apart may do more harm than good. So it is worth giving some thought to to how an umbrella fits your […]

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