Promotional Duffle Bags

Promotional Duffle Bags – In Brief

Promotional duffle or duffel bags are often seen as an upmarket alternative to give-away backpacks.  Named after the town of Duffel in Belgium from where the thick material originally came, they are useful as a spacious holdall for gym kit or as a weekend bag.

While duffle bags can be made of many materials, those used as promotional gifts tend to be made of thick cotton. Likewise, they always have a zip along the top and a strap handle that wraps around the base of the bag. Moreover, duffle bags have distinctive circular end panels.

Duffle bags may also have a leather or suede base for an added level of luxury. In addition, you have options in lining from no lining at all to a luxurious cotton lining. And we can even add waterproof lining.

The bag may be unstructured and easily foldable. Or it may have a more structured finish with stiffer end panels and base. Water proof lining and more rigid piping make a duffle bag stiffer still.

We can make duffle bags in any size with a wide range of options. Your promotional duffle bag can have leather handles and contrasting piping round the edges. It will likely have an additional shoulder strap, and internal and external pockets. We can customise other components also. We can also use zip pullers and swivel clips made with your branding.

Branding the duffle bag

As with promotional backpacks, the degree customization available with bespoke duffle bags lends itself to some great branding opportunities. For example, fabrics can be dyed to Pantone colours. Similarly, we can use branded woven tape to follow the line of the handle strap right round the bag. And, of course, the bag itself can be printed and embroidered. You can even use sown-on embossed leather patches with your branding.

Suzanne Lynch Design have samples of completed duffle bags and of various part options we can show you.

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