Promotional Backpacks

Promotional Backpacks – In Brief

Backpacks are a popular corporate gift, and for good reason. They are both useful and highly visible. Promotional backpacks also tend to be kept for a long time. The combination of longevity, usability and visibility ensures your brand receives a high number of impressions. But to be effective, a backpack needs to last, and to be a great design.

Longer lasting than tote bags, backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. From a promotional merchandise perspective perhaps the first decision is whether to go for a bespoke design or off-the-shelf? Bespoke allows for far more of your branding and is often more cost effective particularly when compared to a big-name brand. Likewise, there is no need to compromise on quality as they will often be made to the same specifications.

Trends and Materials

A successful promotional backpack needs to be practical and useful, but also a design that people will use. It needs to be the right size for the target audience, and comfortable and easy to use with adjustable straps.

Most backpacks tend to use Ripstop nylon/polyester for the main construction. But the trims and external pockets can be made from a variety of materials. Leather, suede, meshes and synthetic leathers can be used.

Furthermore, if a backpack is bespoke we can dye these materials to your corporate Pantone colours and any embroidery, printing or company patches can be done during manufacture, giving a greater range of options.

Then there are the details. A bespoke backpack allows for custom zips and pullers with your logo. The internal compartments can be specified with padded laptop compartments, tablet pockets, and assorted stationary holders.

Suzanne Lynch Design have samples of completed backpacks and of various part options we can show you.

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