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Bespoke Promotional Notebooks and Memo Pads

Bespoke targeted gift collections reap huge rewards

With over 15 years’ experience designing and developing targeted promotional gift collections; at SLD we understand your brand is precious. Our job is to ensure your gifts reflect and reinforce your brand values and image.

When developed and targeted correctly, gifts are a fantastic cost effective tool in your marketing armoury. But this requires thought and planning.

Planning and budgeting allow a bespoke, and often much more cost-effective, solution to corporate merchandise. You can build a consistent gift collection, so all gifts reinforce your brand message from umbrellas, to pens, to notebooks to bags. Gifts have a consistent finish, level of quality and follow your corporate guidelines. Gifts can be consolidated across events for the year so pricing comes down and valuable time is saved.

At SLD, we look closely at your corporate guidelines, online presence and current marketing material to get a real understanding of your brand.

On top of any specific ideas you may have, we will support you in proposing items that will fulfil your objectives and suggest options to fit within your budget. We will create a proposal document with images and descriptions mocked up with your logo so you get a real feel of what we are proposing.

Storage and fulfilment is then often the next hurdle, how do you stock gifts for all your events throughout the year? We offer stock management and fulfilment out of our centrally based warehouse. Stock is managed through our own system or via customized, client branded webshops.

Bespoke targeted gift collections embodying your brand that arrive promptly at your stand at a conference or in a training room at your offsite, will reap huge rewards for your brand. Thought and forward planning are critical to making gifts truly successful and showing your target audience just how much you value your brand.