Why use corporate gifts and promotional merchandise?

A BPMA survey in 2012 examined the reasons why merchandise is used in sales and marketing campaigns as opposed to other incentives. A full 69 percent of respondents stated that it is because gifts ‘targets customers effectively’ and 52 percent because the ‘brand message lasts longer’ while  46 percent because of the ‘ability to create loyalty’.

The survey also asked how promotional merchandise is used. Seventy three percent use merchandise at conferences and events, and 63 percent for ‘brand awareness and rebranding’. Corporate gifts are also used for ‘cause awareness’ and ‘product launches and roll-outs’ as it is seen as "highly effective for getting attention and driving sales."

When asked what were the top three items they purchased, over a third said pens, 13 percent pads, notebooks and Post-Its while 10 percent listed canvas shopping bags or eco bags.


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