BPMA attempts to change ceramics dumping duties

In an attempt to rectify issues caused by recent anti-dumping duties, representatives from the BPMA and EPPA (European Promotional Products Association) met with the Trade Injury Team in Brussels on the 18th February 2012.

In November, a new directive from the European Commission imposed an up to 58.8% duty on all ceramic shipments from China. Introduced with just 24 hours notice, the duty will likely have a significant impact on prices of ceramics in the UK and Europe and has caused concern within the promotional merchandise industry.

In response, EPPA filed an official complaint with the EU Trade Commissioner, resulting in the meeting with the Trade Injury Team. At the meeting the representative group explained the expected consequences for the European promotional products industry.

The Trade Injury Team will now consider the arguments, and report their findings for comment. If any changes are recommended, this will take place at a meeting of European Council in May.

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