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Promotional Umbrellas

Selected Highlights

Some selected news stories from Suzanne Lynch Design

Date added: 18 Sep 2013 BPMA survey shows we all like giveaways

Research for Promotional Products Week shows that that 3 in 10 of us have purposely changed our regular brand in order to receive a freebie. The survey of 1000 people, nearly half of consumers (48 per cent) would switch their brand for cooking accessories, while nearly 42 per cent would switch for a coffee mug. Other items that can persuade consumers to change brand include fizzy drink branded glasses (39 per cent), a cuddly toy, such as the puppy associated with a well-known toilet roll brand (34 per cent), the Meerkat toy (34 per cent), a cosmetic purse or tote bag (30 per cent) and the Monkey toy associated with a familiar tea brand (28 per cent). Men are most likely to switch their brand for a coffee mug, while women would switch their brand for cooking accessories.

 Drinking glasses are a popular freebie with men, with two-fifths using devious means to secure one, while a quarter of women have been deceitful to bag a free soft toy.

The places where consumers have or expect to pick up promotional products was highlighted with 80 per cent stating they would at exhibitions, three-fifths (60 per cent) at roadshows, 49 per cent in hotel rooms, 38 per cent in banks, 32 per cent in hotel receptions and 31 per cent at car dealers or garages.  

Perhaps more surprisingly, the study also showed that we are not embarrassed to pass on freebies, with 1 in 10 saying that would give a freebie as a gift to a friend or family member. 

In the current economic difficulties nearly three-fifths of us are more likely to keep freebies than before the recession. ‘Usefulness’ is cited by three-fifths of consumers as the reason that they keep freebies.

Among the oddest products received are a gold plated toothbrush, complete with furry holder, a bottom-shaped stress ball, and a toilet roll with the word ‘kiss’ written in red all over it. At the other end of the spectrum, some of the most luxurious products given away include personalised bathrobes, electric toothbrushes, high-end watches and pens and indulgent toiletries.

Of the promotional products that consumers have and use 62 per cent stated they have a pen, 35 per cent a mug, 33 per cent a keyring, 25 per cent a t-shirt or sweatshirt and 25 per cent a drinking glass, with other items of merchandise kept and used including USB sticks, bags, caps, notepads, umbrellas, scales, shoe horns and shopping trolley coins.

The survey was commissioned by the bpma, a UK wide study was conducted online among 1000 adults randomly selected to be representative of the UK population. Students and people under 18 were excluded.

Of the 1000 responses received there were 579 female respondents and 421 male respondents.

Date added: 10 Aug 2013 Graduate recruitment gifts

Suzanne Lynch Design has sourced and delivered a range of gifts for a major bank to use in its global graduate recruitment. The collection includes bepoke pens, notebooks and other stationery items for use as giveaways.

Date added: 27 Jul 2013 Gifts for international business school

Suzanne Lynch Design delivers a range of gifts to a major international business school. The gifts will be used on the school's campuses world wide. The collection of bespoke items includes pen, notebooks, umbrellas, and sports bottles.

Date added: 05 Jul 2013 Promotional iPad stand mailout

Suzanne Lynch Design Corporate and Promotional gifts has recently completed a Europe-wide mail out of designer iPad stands. The iPad stands were sent on behalf of our London-based customer to selected clients throughout Europe.

Date added: 21 Jun 2013 Ceramics dumping duty reduction

As we reported earlier in the year, the EU in November 2012 imposed anti-dumping duties as high as 58% on ceramic table and kitchen ware coming from China. That's mugs to us. Following a complaint by the EEPA, the European Commission has recomended that the duty rates are reduced to between 13.1% and 36.1%.. This is still a very high duty rate and will undoubtably affect the prices of these products.

Date added: 07 Jun 2013 Promotional Binoculars

Suzanne Lynch Design supplies Bushnell Powerview binoculars for use as corporate gifts. Ideal as a gift for a racing or outdoor event, the binoculars feature roof prisms, fully multi-coated optics, Fold-down eyecups and  non-slip rubber armor.

Date added: 16 May 2013 Why use corporate gifts and promotional merchandise?

A BPMA survey in 2012 examined the reasons why merchandise is used in sales and marketing campaigns as opposed to other incentives. A full 69 percent of respondents stated that it is because gifts ‘targets customers effectively’ and 52 percent because the ‘brand message lasts longer’ while  46 percent because of the ‘ability to create loyalty’.

The survey also asked how promotional merchandise is used. Seventy three percent use merchandise at conferences and events, and 63 percent for ‘brand awareness and rebranding’. Corporate gifts are also used for ‘cause awareness’ and ‘product launches and roll-outs’ as it is seen as "highly effective for getting attention and driving sales."

When asked what were the top three items they purchased, over a third said pens, 13 percent pads, notebooks and Post-Its while 10 percent listed canvas shopping bags or eco bags.


Date added: 16 May 2013 Research 2012

Research in 2012 shows:

  • 83 per cent of senior marketers plan to increase or maintain spend on promotional merchandise from this year to next.
  • 66 per cent of senior marketers purchase promotional products at least every three months.
  • 73 per cent of buyers use merchandise at promotional events, and over three-fifths (63 per cent) of buyers use it for brand awareness and re-branding.

Top 3 reasons why people keep promotional items

  1. Usefulness (89%)
  2. Memories
  3. Value of item


Other figures

·         The CPI for promotional gifting beats all forms of media except billboards.

·         62% have done business with the advertiser AFTER receiving the item.

·         92% believe branded promotional merchandise increases company brand awareness

·         76% say they can name a brand or company/organisation featured on a promotional merchandise on their desk without having to look for confirmation.

·         Over half (52%) purchased from companies branded on a Promotional merchandise product on their desk.

Sources: BPMA research 2009, National survey carried out by Source-e, April 2007; ASI

Date added: 01 May 2013 Free printing on Titleist golf balls

Now is one of the most important and busiest times of the year in the corporate golf ball market.To celebrate this we are happy to offier FREE printing on orders of 12 dozen or more. The promotion applies to all orders placed for immediate delivery during the months of May and June and applies to all Titleist Golf Ball models.

Date added: 24 Apr 2013 SLD sends gifts to Singapore

Suzanne Lynch Design sends world travel adapters and flat LED computer mice to an event in Singapore. The corporate gifts will be given to select clients.